Pete’s Auto Repair in Ferndale is your one-stop-shop for exhaust repair. When you need vehicle repairs, it’s not always as obvious as you would expect, especially with the exhaust system.

Your exhaust system is a big part of your car, and if it doesn’t work right you may notice that your car is not running like it should. The catalytic converter can fail without any outward sign other than the check engine light may come on. Sometimes the catalytic converter will come apart internally and then it could sound like someone is shaking a box of rocks when idling or accelerating. You may also notice a bad smell from the exhaust system. One of the most obvious signs of an exhaust system failure is noise. You may hear your vehicle getting louder over time.

This is a sign that you should have the vehicle inspected by the expert Automotive Service Technicians at Pete’s Auto Repair. Give us a call at 360 380 2277

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