Battery Testing & Replacement

Battery Picture
Did you know that car batteries last longer in cold climates than in warm?  Starting your car in the winter puts a greater demand on batteries, but the summertime heat is a big factor in your car battery life.  If you are experiencing any problems, let the service professionals at Pete’s Auto Repair in Ferndale inspect your battery.

Just like food, there’s an expiration date on your battery. It doesn’t mean you should automatically buy a new one but if it’s over 5 years old,  it may be at the end of its usefulness.  If you have gauges on your dashboard, (voltmeter or ammeter) look at them when your engine is off and when it it’s running. The VOLTMETER should read about 12 volts when the engine is off and 14 volts running.

If you’re experiencing trouble when turning over your engine, it could be your battery is not holding a charge OR it could mean that there is a problem with your charging system.

Give us a call at 360-380-2277, Pete’s Auto Repair in Ferndale and our qualified service technicians, can get you safely back on the road.