Maintaining tire balance on your vehicle is critical to receiving satisfactory service from your tire investment. In addition to providing a smooth ride, balancing is a key component in tire wear.

Perhaps the most compelling argument for precision balancing comes from an obvious fact – vehicles are being made lighter and lighter. The heavier cars of yesterday actually helped smooth out the ride by dampening many vibrations before the driver could feel them.

Assume you have driven your tires 5000 miles since their purchase or last rotation. Over  miles of turning, hitting bumps, and potholes, you could not see or avoid, have led to uneven tread wear on your tires.

Besides rotating the tires, you should also rebalance the tires. Even if you cannot feel vibrations, they are present. The uneven tread wear has created an imbalance that generates excessive heat and wear on your tires. Considering the hundreds of dollars you have spent on your tires, rotation and balancing are a wise decision.

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