Axles are essential for delivering power from the transmission/transaxle to the wheels. CV axles allow this to take place while maintaining a high level of flexibility. If all the roads were billiard table smooth, we would not need axles that move with the suspension. Unfortunately, suspension travel and steering require axles that cope well under these conditions.

On front wheel drive vehicles; the front wheels are tasked with driving the vehicle, along with their traditional steering duties. CV axles deliver power to the front wheels while allowing them to pivot at the same time. Not only are CV axles a common feature on front wheel drive vehicles; they are also used on rear wheel drive vehicles that employ independent rear suspensions. The angles created by the movement of the suspension require an axle that can move up and down.

CV joints on the axles do go bad over time, requiring replacement to repair. Sometimes you will hear the CV joint start making noise when its failing most often it will start making a clicking noise. This occurs when you are turning. You may also hear a clunk when accelerating.

Whenever you experience these issues its best to get it checked out and repaired as soon as possible so that you won’t be stranded on the road.

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