A radiator flush provides a number of benefits to your vehicles cooling system. This procedure should be performed per your owner’s manual or technician’s recommendations. There is a significant difference between a flush of the cooling system and a simple draining of the radiator. Draining the radiator only removes about 50% of the total antifreeze in the system and leaves behind contaminants that have built up in the system over time.

Leaking or corroded radiators and heaters can restrict coolant flow causing poor heater performance and engine overheating.

The benefits of having your cooling system flushed are:
Removes rust and scale deposits. Over time rust and scale deposits build up within the radiator. A flush helps to remove these deposits, which get pushed out with the old antifreeze. This is important since these buildups can cause overheating or even damage your radiator.

Lubricates the water pump. The additives in the coolant lubricate the vehicles water pump. This helps to lengthen the life of the water pump

Inspection of system – most repair facilities will perform a complete inspection of your cooling system when they do a cooling system flush. They will use a pressure test to check for leaks. They will also check the thermostat for proper operation. This should always be included with the flush.

The new antifreeze will have additives in it that helps prevent rust and build up. It will also prevent foaming in the system, which helps it operate efficiently.

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