Fuel system cleaning services provide many excellent benefits to your vehicle. From maximizing fuel economy to reduced vehicle emissions, a clean fuel system restores performance and improves drivability.

Service intervals can vary by manufacturer. We recommend that you follow the fuel service recommendations in your owner’s manual or your technician’s advice.

What is fuel system cleaning?

Let’s start with a quick overview of your fuel system.
The fuel tank is the reservoir for the system and holds the fuel. Fuel lines are what carry the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. The fuel filter, which is usually in the fuel line, filters any dirt that may be in the system, to prevent clogging of the injectors. The fuel pump pushes the fuel from the tank, thru the filter to the engine. The fuel injectors provide the fuel to the engine thru nozzles that shoot a very fine spray of fuel into the cylinders.

Here’s the importance of all this. The spray from the fuel injectors needs to be wide and fine for the spark to ignite it. If the tiny nozzles in the injectors get clogged up, you get a sloppy – or no – stream  of fuel. This does not ignite fully. You get less power while using more fuel.

What clogs the fuel system?

Fuel, oddly enough. Fuel varnish deposits are usually what gets in the way of that perfect cone of fine fuel droplets.
If you are noticing a loss of power, lower fuel mileage, or hesitation when accelerating it might be time to get the fuel system cleaned.

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