Is your vehicle telling you that it’s time for a tune up? If your vehicle is suddenly getting lower gas mileage than it did before, this could be a sign that your car needs a tune up. If your vehicle has a dirty fuel filter, bad spark plugs, or dirty fuel injectors, all of which are checked or replaced during a tune up, then the performance of your vehicle will be affected.

When your car starts, does it run rough? Is it sputtering or chugging when you accelerate? Does the check engine light come on when you are driving?

The check engine light warns you if the computer sees a problem with any of the other components in the engine management system. The computer monitors the air fuel ratio in the exhaust, the engine temperature, and the incoming air supply to properly regulate the fuel, so if the light comes on you need to get it checked out by a trained technician who has the proper equipment.

You should check your owner’s manual or consult your technician as to the recommended mileage intervals for replacement of the spark plugs and filters.

If you have any of these issues or symptoms, we will gladly check it out at Pete’s Auto Repair. Give us a call at 360 380 2277

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